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The Idea: Much of the Pawling area is swamp and forest, hills and lakes. People like to pretend these areas are tamed with campsites and trails. Indeed, the Appalachian Trail travels straight through the heart of Pawling and it isn’t uncommon to see backpackers stopping off downtown as they journey from Maine to Florida along the trail. However, the truth is, these wild lands can’t be tamed. Creatures walking off the pages of folklore, fairy tales, and urban legends wander through the trees, swim in the lakes, and slither through the swamps. Some of these things are friendly, some are not but most are indifferent to the plight of humanity. They simply ARE.
Aspect: Here There Be Strangeness
The Face: Old Ben, the Mountain Man

The Idea: The area around Pawling is a collection of small towns. They pretend to have the perfect mixture of big city culture and rural relaxation. Scratch the surface, though, and you’ll find the hidden weirdness that can only survive in small towns. Potions sold at the local farmer’s market? Occult tomes hidden amongst the books at the library sale? Monster children attending the local private high school? All very possible.
Aspect: The Veneer of Civilization
The Face: Kitty Ride, Public Radio Show Host

The Idea: For centuries, the Oblivion War has been waged in an effort to consign the most dangerous of demons and Old Gods, monsters and horrors to the depths of forgotten memories. Long ago, before the Europeans claimed this land as their own, something walked the land. A casualty of the Oblivion War, the something has been bit an echo in the land. A quiet memory. Until now.
Aspect: Quiet Memories
The Face: Mr. Whisper, Fomor Servitor

Main Page

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