Dutcher Golf Course
The Idea: This venerable 9 hole golf course has for over a century been the center of Summer influence in Pauling. Granted not a major influence, but a place where Sidhe could interact with the more couth morals in the area and the little folk could either play tricks on the cheaters or fulfill their need for order by tending the grounds. Its old Master of Golf wanted to retire to the Florida Everglades and a new Summer Family has bought in and intends to make some changes.
Aspect: Well Manicured Claws are the Sharpest
The Face: Shelia Triplett

Pawling High School
The Idea: A seemingly normal high school attended mostly by middle class students who are often in direct competition with the richer students of Trinity-Pawling High. Their mascot is the Tiger.
Aspect: Tigers arrrre Great!
The Face: Mr. “B”, Dean of Students and Athletics Director

The Ice Pond
The Idea: A large pond that is iced over, year round, hidden deep in the Great Swamp. It serves as the local power base for the Winter Court. They have been contesting, quietly, with Fomor forces for control of the area.
Aspect: Cold War Seige
The Faces: The Bunyip, Winter’s Commander and Murmur, Formor Servitor

The John Kane House
The Idea: A historic house owned by the local historical society. Plays host to the occasional local gathering. Rumored by those in the know to be a site of some hauntings as well as a crossover to a turbulent point in the Nevernever thanks to the shifting allegiances and conflicts of its original owner.
Aspect: The Walls Are Thin
The Face: John Benson, clued-in mortal historian

Trinity-Pawling High School
The Idea: A boarding school for the wealthy, with more than her fair share of the children of vampires, faeries, and monsters of all sorts.
Aspect: Monster High
The Face: William J. Merill III, Headmaster

Tony’s Deli
The Idea: After school, most of the kids have time to waste and a little cash to burn. Tony is willing to let them do the former as long as their spending cash keeps getting spent at his place, just like his father did – so long as they don’t cause any trouble.
Aspect: After School Hangout
The Face: Tony Calabresi Junior, proprietor of Tony’s Deli

Akin Free Library
The Idea: Pawling, NY’s very own Accorded Neutral Ground. Plays host to several museums as well as the town’s small but well-stocked library, which has a oddly large number of very official-looking tomes on the occult. Izumi Benson, the head librarian, sometimes presides over conferences between Pawling’s supernatural denizens held in the library’s meeting room.
Aspect: Accorded Neutral Library
The Face: Izumi Benson, Secretive Kitsune Dealmaker


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